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A 17 year old Russian girl has a doll-like face but physique of a body builder. She is a powerlifter.


Yulia Viktorovna Vins, or Julia Vins, as she is known in the online bodybuilding and powerlifting communities, is a 17-year old Russian powerlifter who recently shot to Internet fame after a series of photos showing her doll-like face and impressive physique went viral.


Some were daring and caught the water with their mouth, the conservative me opted for the good ‘ol hands. Haha! #merlion #singaporehits


Ask [Jolie] what she loves the most about Pitt and she doesn’t hesitate. “Brad shows my girls how a woman should be treated by a man,” she says.

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297. Ang tunay na chicks, stick to one. Kahet anong pang pag-oobsess niya kina Chris Hemsworth or Ryan Gosling, alam niyang sa huli, nakay Johnny Depp pa din ang puso niya.

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Can I just say…

Fuck you.

There, it feels lighter already!

On Love.
The Perks Of Being A Wallflower

We could live this town and run together

Playa, Laiya, Batangas

Playa, Laiya,Batangas

Playa, Laiya, Batangas

Anvaya Cove, Bataan

Anvaya Cove, Bataan